Peace Consultations

Our peace consultations help people deal with unresolved conflicts and/ or build more positive, peaceful relationships in everyday environments: at home, in the workplace, at school, among groups of peers, with institutions, and more. Our peace consultations do not simply teach one-fits-all techniques. We investigate the roots of conflicts in your specific situation and find out what works for you.

What can Peace Consultations help you with?

  • Manage and transform everyday conflicts.
  • Improve social relationships.
  • Find out how subtle forms of power and violence affect you.
  • Learn to communicate effectively and nonviolently.
  • Respond to violent and hurtful interactions.
  • Develop your peaceful strategy to change the world, starting from somewhere close!

What kind of peace are we talking about?

 You define your own peace, your goals, the peace that matters to you. Whatever peace feels truly YOURS.

Still confused? Here is what Bronwyn has to say: 

‘I live with much less anxiety now thanks to the time I spent with Monica. I learned how to carve out space for myself in my own life. Her work really turns the world of problem solving on its head . Instead of talking about what I was going to stop doing we talked about what I was going to start doing. Instead of analysing things to death she softly led me to a practice of observing.  And perhaps my favourite part, together we re-framed my focus from problem solving to finding peace and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find when you let go of perfectionism.’

Service Features


Safe and confidential

Providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment for our sessions is my priority. I am also committed to respect all cultures and people’s diversity. You are welcome to raise any culturally sensitive matter that is important to you at any time. In case of need, we might consult or work with a cultural mediator or other specialists.

Set your own goals

Tired of others telling you how to live your life? In these consultations you lead. You choose what you want to achieve and what is important to you. We will build our tranformative journey accordingly, and you can have your say at every stage. 


Research approach

Discover the roots of conflict in your everyday life and relationships. I can apply my interdisciplinary research skills and methods to your case so that we can explore the many complex layers of conflicts in your life. These may include understanding the role of your emotions, but also the influence of the social context, social pressure, and structural factors.


Learn skills and strategies

During our consultations, you can learn practical knowledge and skills that can help you manage everyday conflicts and violence, connect nonviolently with people around you, and build a more peaceful life for yourself.

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