Peace for Families Programme


This programme is delivered through an online coaching platform, suitable even for the busiest families. It is a course built step by step to suit YOUR specific needs. There are many layers to family life. You could be struggling with parenting, discipline, couple relationship, cultural or ideological differences, social pressure, or more. In real life, all these dimensions are mixed. This programme allows you to find strategies to build peace for you and your home by adjusting to your specific situation, time, and goals.

Peace for Families Programme can help you with:

  • Peaceful parenting strategies
  • Peaceful communication for adults and kids
  • Managing everyday conflicts
  • Family reconciliation
  • Couple relationship
  • Transforming aggressive behavior
  • Extended family conflicts
  • Family and social pressure
  • Bullyism

Service Features

Interactive Profile

Once you sign up, you get access to your personal profile. From here you you will be assigned step by step documents and media, worksheets, map of goals, and more. You also have a journal  where you can write anything you want to share with me. You will also be able to add Talk Time if you choose to.

Learning Resources

Throughout the programme you will get access to learning resources such as information material and videos that you can view at your own pace. This material is designed to deliver information in a glance, so that you can learn in pills even if you are always busy!


Research Approach

Discover the roots of conflict in your everyday life and relationships. I can apply my interdisciplinary research skills and methods to your case so that we can explore the many complex layers of conflicts in your life. 


Our coaching aims at creating new awareness about yourself and the relationships with the people around so that you can trasnform them. Make space for your peace through small daily habits. Our coaching relationship will also be an opportunity for sharing your emotions during this journey and connect. 

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