Peaceful Workplace Training and Consultation

Peace Training

Build a culture of peace in your workplace through training programmes for your team tailored to the specific needs of your work environment. Our training may cover topics such as managing conflicts within the team and/ or with clients, peaceful communication, establishing inclusive practices. We will discuss strategies to improve relationships of power, gender, and between different social groups and reduce social bias.


Peace consultations aim at creating a more peaceful and inclusive environment and/or practices. This could help addressing existing conflicts, or more in general  making the workplace environment more positive and peaceful for all. Our consultation will include an analysis of practices and interaction within the organization and/ or between staff and the public. This can be particularly helpful for teams working with ‘vulnerable’ groups. 

Peace Review your Product

Have you ever thought about the ‘peace footprint’ of your products, service, or media? In other words, what is the peace impact of your products? How peaceful and inclusive is what you do? Everything a business or organisation produces has social consequences, starting from a marketing campaign. How to make that social impact a positive one?

As discourse analysis specialists, we are available to conduct analysis of media, services, and products produced by your organization and provide suggestions on how to make it the most inclusive and peace oriented. We will look at dimensions including the representation of violence (broadly understood), gender, minorities and social groups. The lenses of analysis can be tailored to your specific needs.

Service Features


Safe and Confidential

Everything we discuss and find is kept confidential between us. I am committed to creating a safe, respectful, and friendly environment so that we can to address even issues that can feel difficult and uncomfortable without shame or judgement.

Targeted Intervention

Every step of our work together will be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. Set your peace targets and we will find a suitable strategy to achieve them!

Research Approach

As a trained researcher, I can carry out systematic analysis of the issues you seek to address and improve. Whether you choose training programmes, consultation, or peace reviews, an analytical approach ensures that the intervention is the appropriate one for your needs.

Interactive Learning

Our programmes can offer top academic knowledge on peace and conflict dynamics as well as practical skills and strategies that you can implement in your everyday setting. To maximise learning through experience, all our programmes are very interactive and aim at transformative change.

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