About The Everyday Peace Academy

The Everyday Peace Academy is the learning platform of The Everyday Peace Initiative, a social enterprise that provides peace research, consultation, and education.


Our Mission is to support ordinary people and communities building peace in their own everyday environment.

Deep changes start from the everyday action of ordinary people. Small acts of love make a big difference. You can make it happen.

The purpose of The Everyday Peace Initiative is to seeks to bridge academic and ordinary people’s knowledge about peace and conflict.

Our Research Collective conducts and disseminates peace research, with the aim at putting together a range of tools, knowledge and resources that might help people understand violence and define strategies to address it.

Peace really starts from the way we live our everyday life. The way we interact with those around us and even how we relate with ourselves matters. For this reason, The Everyday Peace Academy offers peace education programmes and  peace consulting services to assist individuals, families and organizations implement peace in their own environment.

Our Story

How We Got Started

The idea for the Everyday Peace Initiative sparked from a research project that revealed how powerful the action of ordinary people can be in times of war. People’s role as agents of peace has long be underestimated. They are too often seen as passive victims, compelled by the force of political actors and armed groups. Yet, there is much that ordinary people all around the world do everyday to resist violence in its many different forms – the direct and visible ones, as well as the more silent and invisible violence.


Why everyday peace matters

Ordinary people have the potential to bring about deep changes from within the fabric of the society that cannot be imposed from above or from the outside. Peace is not just for states, international organizations, or powerful institutions, and violence does not just happen in far away countries. Violence may not be so visible when it is accepted and legitimized, or considered as normal, yet it still hurts people in their everyday lives. Peace concerns us all, in it is up to us to make it happen. The purpose of the Everyday Peace Initiative is to support and promote people around the world as agents of peace.

Get in Touch. Share your story of everyday peace.

Your story of everyday peace contains precious knowledge and experience that may help others face everyday forms of violence. Share your story to connect and support other everyday peacebuilders, or get in touch to get support.

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