Services for Individuals and Families

I help individuals and families who struggle with the everyday conflicts in their social relationships to achieve everyday peace.
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What ‘peace’ are we talking about?

I have a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies and I draw from this interdisciplinary field of peace to help people find strategies that work in their own lives to achieve the peace that THEY define. Often people who are struggling with everyday conflicts do not believe that things could ever change. Yet, even in situations that seem ‘intractable’ there is so much scope for transformation. The first step might be help you heal and find your own peace.

My Methods

The work I do with my clients is a way of learning not just from existing books, but also a path of self-discovery and transformation. Peace is a lot about behaviour and emotions, but also taking into account broader structures of the social context you live in.

I want our work together to be as targeted as as possible to your specific needs and situation. You can choose the kind of interaction you prefer, whether online learning, coaching through our online platform, calls, or one-on-one meetings.


Peace Consultations

Our peace consultations help people deal with unresolved conflicts and/ or build more positive, peaceful relationships in everyday environments: at home, in the workplace, at school, among groups of peers, with institutions, and more. 

Peace for Families Programme

An interactive programme tailored to the specific needs of your family and delivered through an online coaching portal. Explore the roots of everyday conflicts in YOUR family, whether parenting challenges, couple chronic fights, struggling with social standards, or more, and learn new skills and strategies to build more peace for your home.

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